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Proposed changes to super visas and priority processing of some applications for permanent residence for Ukrainians

Published: Jun 8, 2022
The federal government has promised to create special pathways for Ukrainians fleeing the war in their home country, to permanent resident status. There is as yet no news about what these special programs will look like. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta have tweaked their Provincial Nominee Programs to give priority to Ukrainian applicants. These are not new or special programs. Applicants must still qualify under the Provincial Nominee Program rules. Not a lot of people are being granted permanent residence through these Provincial Nominee Programs. Each province will probably only give priority to a few dozen or a few hundred applicants. Rumours are circulating that these are special programs created just for Ukrainian refugees. That is not the case. What these provinces have done is they have moved suitable Ukrainian applicants to the front of the line in priority over other applicants.

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration recently Tweeted that the super visa program will be modified. Starting July 4, 2022 super visa applicants will be able to:

  1. increase the length of their stay to five years per entry;
  2. request an extension of status in Canada of up to two years.

I do not know how reliable is this announcement. Public policy should not be announced by Tweet. There are no details yet as to the true nature of these proposed changes.

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