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Reopening of the parent sponsorship program?

Published: Oct 12, 2022

On October 11, 2022 IRCC announced it will send out invitations to sponsors under the parent sponsorship program. Invitations will be sent out over the course of two weeks. They will be sent to 23,100 interested potential sponsors. There is no provision for people to indicate to IRCC that they are interested in sponsoring their parents. The invitations will be instead sent to potential sponsors who sent an expression of interest to IRCC in 2020.

The expressions of interest are now over two years old. Who knows how many of the email addresses used by the sponsors in 2020 are still active. Who knows how many of the parents being sponsored are still alive or well enough to be sponsored. Who knows how many of the sponsors now meet the minimum income requirements to sponsor their parents. By sending out 23,100 invitations to hopefully process 15,000 applications, IRCC implicitly acknowledges that at least a third of the invitations are going to fail or will be ignored.


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