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Mandatory online filing for all permanent residence applications

Published: Sep 2, 2022

For several years most Economic Class applications for permanent residence have been filed online (i.e. Express Entry). It was still possible, however, to file family sponsorship and humanitarian applications by paper.

Beginning September 23, 2022 this changes. After September 23, 2022 (or October 28, 2022, depending on the program), all applications for permanent residence must be filed online.

This change is not for your benefit. It is for IRCC's benefit as it saves them some work. If processing times ever improve, it will not be because of this rule change.

IRCC's computer systems are faulty, complex, hard to use, non-transparent, severely limit the size of documents you can upload, and are often down at critical times. Protect yourself from IRCC's mistakes. Take screenshots or print (electronically or on paper) everything you input or upload into IRCC's Portal.


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