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Who can represent you in Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship applications and hearings?

Published: Feb 9, 2023

There are two types of authorized Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship paralegals or consultants. One set are regulated by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. They are authorized to give advice, help prepare and file application forms, and appear as your representative at an Immigration hearing.

The second set are paralegals licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. The Law Society of Ontario advertised in February, 2023 that paralegals regulated by the Law Society of Ontario are only authorized to provide representation before the Immigration and Refugee Board. They are not permitted to prepare Immigration or Citizenship applications.

Neither type of paralegal or consultant is authorized to appear before the Federal Court.

Robert W. Young is an Immigration lawyer, not a paralegal or a consultant. He has been practicing Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugee law for over 34 years and has been Certified as a Specialist in those areas of law by the Law Society of Ontario since April, 2005.


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